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Cisco Tan Horse | Douglas Toys

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Cisco the Tan Horse is a free spirited and frolicsome colt who would love to have you join him in his games! A fluffy mane and shining, dark eyes reveal our spunky pony’s lively personality. Once you’ve galloped the day away, Cisco’s ultra soft, buckskin colored coat and resilient polyester fill is perfect for cuddling. His floppy, outstretched pose will lounge comfortably across your lap or snugly in your arms. And for all the horse loving fashionistas out there, a section of extra long hair in Cisco’s mane provides a way for you to groom and style his look. Bring Cisco the Tan Horse stuffed animal home to your stables for an engaging companion that will promote creative play!

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Dimensions 13.5 in

24 Months & Up


13.5" Long


(34 cm)