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Cocktail Bitters | Strongwater

Cocktail Bitters | Strongwater

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About Strongwater: We created bold bitters designed to be powerful potions that could “heal the soul and spruce your cocktail.” Inspired by 16th century Strongwater shops where spirits were used as medicine to heal, we set out to create unique mountain elixirs for a more inspired take on bar staples.  Today Strongwater empowers you to effortlessly craft world-class cocktails.  Created in the Wild West of drinks, we mastered the rules of ancient alchemy before breaking them to make cutting-edge, modern mixers that lift your spirits.

Black Walnut: 

Rich and nutty blend with earthly aromatics and baking spices to add complexity, depth and intrigue to your favorite cocktail. Made with real walnuts and black walnut leaf for full bodied flavor and hearty tannins, never artificial anything! Try it in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or cup of coffee!  

Ingredients: Alcohol, Mountain Spring Water, Black Walnut, Clove, Roasted Cacao Nibs, Black Walnut Leaf, Allspice, Black Peppercorns
Pairings: Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, or Gin

Chocolate Cacao: 

Embodying the mystic history of cacao, our Amores swirls around your senses reminding you of how the world fell in love with chocolate. The most delicious and dynamic chocolate bitters you'll ever taste with herbal notes of bitter cherry bark, warming vanilla aromatics, and hints of almond.

Botanicals: Cacao nib, vanilla bean, milk thistle, cherry bark, oregon grape, and other Mountain Botanicals
Benefits: Antioxidant, libido, lowers blood pressure
Pairings: Bourbon, champagne, vodka, tequila, tea, bubble water


Formerly called Tamer, our Ginger Bitters present the essence of bright heat, but with a powerful depth of flavor. A vivid and luminous bouquet of citrus concentrated with the precision of ginger spice, you may just start putting this in everything from Moscow Mules to Green tea. Ginger lovers rejoice!

Botanicals: Ginger, lemon, clove, fennel, barberry root, and other Mountain Botanicals
Benefits: Calms heart burn and indigestion, relieves nausea and motion sickness
Pairings: Gin, vodka, whiskey, tea, green tea, bubble water

Orange Bourbon: 

Orange bitters is abundant in classic cocktail recipes. This version is a bourbon barrel aged bitters to differentiate from the typical vodka based orange bitters.  Perfect for Old Fashioned's and any other whiskey based applications where a bourbon based bitters makes sense. -- fruit-forward, floral, and softly spiced -- offers an alternative to the one-note orange bitters that dominate the market. The secret’s in the hand-peeled orange zest, whose citrus oil smooths the edges of an exactingly calibrated mix of black walnut, gentian, clove, and cardamom. Evocative of fragrant orange groves, it’ll add new depth to any cocktail that calls for it, and has the versatility to match to any spirit. 

Ingredients: Bourbon, orange peel, gentian, cardamom
Pairings: Whiskey, Bourbon

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