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Powder Penguin Chick | Douglas Toys

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Powder the DLux Penguin Chick stuffed animal tries to be patient while she waits for her parents to bring her fish to eat but sometimes it’s just so difficult! This Antarctic baby features the downy gray coat of an Emperor Penguin chick. As part of our premium DLux collection, she’s been crafted with soft, quality materials that were carefully selected to create Powder’s realistic, fuzzy appearance. Lifelike markings detail both her face and her flippers for a look that will endear her to Penguin lovers of any age. Airbrushed accents around her eyes accentuate her heartwarming expression. Share a fish with Powder and our ultra cuddly DLux plush Penguin Chick will be your friend for life!

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Dimensions 11.5 in

24 Months & Up


11.5" Tall


(29 cm)