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Raccoon Lil' Handful | Douglas Toys

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When he’s not pawing through the trash bins, our Lil’ Handful Raccoon stuffed animal can be found searching for some loving hands to hold him safe and warm while he snoozes! His design is crafted to rest snugly in your palms and the silky brown Kohair materials used to craft this lovable mischief maker are so cuddly and soft, you’ll gladly welcome his company. Beans in his bottom lend him a lifelike weight while lively brown eyes shine out from his black face mask and bring this baby ‘coon to life. Realistic and charming, our tiny Lil’ Handful Raccoon plush will win the hearts of animal lovers of all ages!

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Dimensions 6 in

24 Months & Up


6" Long


(15 cm)




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