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ZippyJamz Organic Cotton Pajamas Footed
ZippyJamz Organic Cotton Pajamas Footed
ZippyJamz Organic Cotton Pajamas Footed

ZippyJamz Organic Cotton Pajamas Footed

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  • 2 separate zippers make dressing and diaper changing quick and easy
  • Keep your baby warm and covered throughout all diaper changes
  • Simple design means no snaps and no cold air drafts.
  • Grippy underfeet, sizes available 9-12, 12-18, 18-24M
  • Premium GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Cotton is soft, gentle, natural & breathable 

  • Founded in 2015, ZippyJamz were developed to make diaper changing quick and easy for parents and keep babies warm and comfortable.

    ZippyJamz combine two zippers in a single garment – the first runs from the neck to ankle and the second from ankle to ankle along the inseam. The second zipper allows parents to quickly and easily access their baby’s diaper changing area.

    • Babies stay warm and in a sleep state throughout diaper changes. ZippyJamz keep baby’s chest completely covered and the zipper along the sleeper’s inseam allows parents to gently and quietly access the diaper changing area – even in the dark. No snaps to match, no cold air drafts and no pulling and pushing legs back into the sleeper.

    • Fully lined zippers won’t pinch or irritate a baby’s skin. Both the front and inseam zippers are fully lined so there’s no contact with a baby’s sensitive skin.

    • Premium zippers work smoothly – even if a baby is kicking or rolling around. 

    • Premium 100% organic cotton. When it comes to babies’ skin, less is best. Using a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified organic cotton ensures that the entire lifecycle of the cotton: growing, harvesting, production, and manufacturing, adheres to the strictest global standard for ethical and responsible production.