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Panier Des Sens

Cleansing Gel | Panier Des Sens

Cleansing Gel | Panier Des Sens

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This 3-in-1 natural foaming gel gently cleanses the face, body and hair while energizing the skin and awakening the senses.

✔️ 96% natural shower gel
✔️ Skin Energiser
✔️ Woody fragrance
✔️ Vegan Friendly


Nutrition & Protection
An ancestral beauty secret used since ancient times, it is known for its unique nourishing, protective and softening properties. Cultivated in Haute Provence, on the Valensole plateaux, this organic PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) olive oil is ECOCERT certified.


Organic Prickly Pear Tree

Vitality & Energy
Rich in vitamin E, omega-6 and sterols, the prickly pear tree :
- Protects and tones the skin,
- Fight against dehydration,
- Brings shine and vitality to the hair.

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