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Ulster Weavers

Blackthorn Small PVC Shopper Bag | Ulster Weavers

Blackthorn Small PVC Shopper Bag | Ulster Weavers

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An atmospheric fantasy woodland scene, depicted in the traditional Arts & Crafts style. Lovingly hand painted using mixed media to create a whimsical, moody feel in an earthy colour palette that can transition easily from Autumn to Winter. Rabbits leap, squirrels nibble, pheasants strut and owls gaze into the distance, surrounded by stylised floral motifs and placed against a warm beige backdrop. With ‘woodland’ being a current core trend, this perfectly reimagined traditional collection creates the ideal build-up to the festive season.

We are proud to present the Ulster Weavers small PVC Shopper bag - a true testament to our rich heritage and global vision. Crafted with utmost pride and artisanal mastery, this bag is a fusion of style and practicality. Adorned with our iconic designs, it not only adds a touch of charm but also showcases our commitment to excellence. The 100% cotton structure, coated with a wipe-clean PVC finish, ensures unrivalled durability that stands the test of time. With measurements of 25x25x11cm and a convenient short handle, it's the perfect companion for your daily excursions. Feel the warmth and character that comes with every Ulster Weavers creation as we weave our passion into every detail. From our tradition of quality and durability to our dedication to your satisfaction, this small PVC Shopper bag bears the mark of Ulster Weavers' unwavering commitment to excellence. Welcome a timeless piece into your life that seamlessly combines style and function.

Thank you for choosing Ulster Weavers. We've been bringing inspiration and craftmanship to homes through high-quality products since 1880. All of our creations carry a timeless warmth and display our passion for quality and service. We’re here to brighten the lives of those around us.

Wipe clean only.

Contents - 1 x PVC Bag - Small 25 x 25.5 x 11cm
Primary Material - 100% Cotton, PVC Coating

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